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Protecting Performance

Protection and freedom of movement in one: our brace with an intelligent mini-piston works like a seat belt in a car. You put on The BetterGuard and continue to enjoy full freedom of movement. The system is only activated when a critical situation arises. If your foot inverts, the system stabilizes your ankle in a flash. When the danger is over, the BG PROTECTION SYSTEM is automatically released. You can move your foot naturally again within milliseconds.

This is what the BG PROTECTION SYSTEM from BETTERGUARDS offers:

  • Stabilization when twisting or rolling the ankle

  • Preventing or reducing the severity of ankle injuries such as torn ligaments or sprains

  • easy wearing plus individual adjustment to your foot shape

  • natural freedom of movement and high comfort

  • no impairment during sports

The heart of our product

The patented mini-piston “BG POWER”

The multi-patented BG POWER is the core of our ankle protection and the result of extensive research. It is placed on the outside of the ankle and works there like a shock absorber: a mini-piston works together with an intelligent fluid system. This combination allows the system to be activated within milliseconds in the event of risky movements.

This is the BG POWER:

  • micro hydraulic fluid system
  • activates within a few milliseconds in critical situations
  • guaranteed function even with changing external conditions and stringent requirements
  • developed and produced in Germany according to DIN ISO 9001 standards


Innovation, Validation, Evidence.

Due to the high degree of innovation of the BG PROTECTION system, many things had to be rethought. For the first time, the question of joint protection at a high velocity of ankle twisting was required. The problem: Up until now, freedom of movement has hardly been studied in connection with orthoses. There were hardly any suitable test benches for the new properties of the system.

BETTERGUARDS made a virtue of necessity. Various test benches were developed to validate the development steps. Evidence- based studies for the independent evaluation of the system were carried out together with clinical partners. The BG PROTECTION system offers the opportunity to completely rethink prevention. We call this great research drive, breaking new ground and thinking differently to get the best for the athlete.

Internal Validation

Our goal: BETTERGUARDS has set itself the task of developing the most innovative ankle protection in the world. Our system should both protect athletes and be accepted and supported by the sports world.

Our approach:
Our approach: Models and test benches, scientific studies and testers - we attach great importance to valid and evidence-based research results.

  • Tilting Platform:
    Evaluation of the protective effect in simulated twisting with and without BETTERGUARDS.
  • Ankle Joint Test Bench:
    Evaluation of the protective effect of the BG PROTECTION system on an artificial foot mode.
  • Gait Simulation Test Bench: Evaluation of the longevity of the BG PROTECTION SYSTEM at different running speeds and in combination with different shoe types using artificial ankle joints.

External Studies

The external examination and evaluation of our technology is and remains a key factor for the initial product development and further development of our products. It is an important source of information for our innovative strength and our drive forward within the science of injury prevention.

Find out more about the studies we have conducted:


  • BETTERGUARDS actively limits the extent of inversion in the event of a twisted ankle
  • When landing, there is no negative impact on the knee joint
  • There is no restriction in freedom of movement with normal movements
Efficacy Study
IFD Hochschule Offenburg


  • Greater freedom of movement than permanently stabilizing bandages and orthoses
  • Higher user acceptance of the BG PROTECTION system compared to comparable products
  • Equivalent protective effect against twisting as stiff orthoses
VBG Hochschule Offenburg


(currently in progress)

  • Analysis of the frequency of injuries to the ankle with BETTERGUARDS
  • Implementation in professional German handball, basketball and volleyball teams
  • Observation period at least 1 year, initiated by the VBG

Your innovative ankle support

Try The BetterGuard and experience the innovative combination of freedom of movement and protection for your ankles

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