Breakthrough technology

The adaptive ankle protection system at the core of Betterguards delivers responsive ankle stabilization without restricting a full range of motion. This breakthrough ankle protection system protects athletes from sudden ankle twisting or rolling without sacrificing freedom of movement.
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Third-party validation and scientific case studies

With a culture of innovation and accountability, the third-party examination and evaluation of our technology is and remains a key focus in ongoing and future product development. It is an important source of information for our innovative strength and our drive forward within the science of injury prevention.

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  • BETTERGUARDS actively limits the extent of inversion in the event of a twisted ankle
  • When landing, there is no negative impact on the knee joint
  • There is no restriction in freedom of movement with normal movements
Efficacy Study
IFD Hochschule Offenburg


  • Greater freedom of movement than permanently stabilizing bandages and orthoses
  • Higher user acceptance of the BG PROTECTION system compared to comparable products
  • Equivalent protective effect against twisting as stiff orthoses